To celebrate my 4 years of studies at a supposed very prestigous and English school, I shall write this post using my very 'fluent' English.


Today will be my official last day as a full-time student as I will be starting full-time work tomorrow.


Looking back... 4 years seemed fast but it definitely isn't easy to get by. While packing and looking through all my notes, books and examination papers, much memories came back. I'm happy that during this stage of my life, I have gotten this chance to experience and explore a very different track. I was a Science student all along, from secondary school all the way to junior college. I didn't know what I wanted to do in the future so I merely followed my brother's footstep. I thought I would become a engineer like him one day, but lucky I did not. Going to a communication school is perhaps one of my wisest choice I've made in my life so far. I still remember dreading to write composition and essay when I was much younger, but in cs, it cannot be avoided, especially when ALL the examinations are in essay-form. This might sound a bit incredible to my friends but that's what I have been through these 4 years. The number of pages for each paper is at least 10 full pages, I think I have written a 20 pages one before, oh well, even I don't believe I can write that much in 2 hours before entering cs. Although my English didn't improve, I guess, but it doesn't really matter to me because if you walk on the street today, out of 10 people probably 9 can speak English, but out of this 10 people, perhaps only 6 know how to speak Chinese. I'm glad that my Chinese standard didn't drop.


Being the minority in cs, I don't realy know a lot of people, but I'm happy with my small clique of 4. To me, number is not important. You may have a big clique of friends, but at the end of the day, you might not even be close to any, with just 4, we are good. Although I think we aren't really the best of friends, but we share a lot of good time, laughters and gossipings together. I'm not sure if we will still keep in contact in the future, but I will remember you guys for long.


Being a major in Broadcast and Cinema Studies, I'm not sure of proficient I am in this field. I think I have taken 50/50 percentage of courses in both areas, so maybe half knowlegable in each? Oh well, at least I know how to watch a film in depth as compared to before, and I also know how the broadcast media works...


I was discussing with a friend the other day what we have taken away from school and we came up with just this:


"We have acquire the skill of how to 'sian'."

Definition of 'sian': to cheat/crap/talk your way out until the other party is confused/agreeable yet in an unknowingly way/method.


Really! This skill is not easy ok? Haha. We have got to 'sian' in a very nice way until our professor don't realise at all. This is also why we can write long essays... I believe this skill will be with me for long, because it will be useful every and anywhere.


Will I miss school? Definitely! I will miss school, but not the stupid examinations! Lol. Examinations are a chore in life, and I will never want to experience it again. I will miss crapping with friends in school, going home early on weekdays, and lying around aimlessly anytime.

6 years of primary school + 4 years of secondary school + 2 years of junior college + 4 years of university = my life as a student



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